Anesthesia Touch

Anesthesia Records & Scheduling Software

Mobility on the iPad iOS with Automated Vital Signs & Scheduler App

Anesthesia Touch for Office-Based Practitioners is a full-featured, scalable AIMS that works on an iPad, enabling providers to care for patients in multiple locations. It gives anesthesia providers the power to manage information electronically in the perioperative environment and to document their preoperative evaluation, intraoperative anesthesia care and post anesthesia discharge on one simple interface. By incorporating the automatic collection of physiologic data, clinicians save time by eliminating manual data entry and are able to capture the data faster and more comprehensive than a paper record.

The enhanced mobility and ease of use offered by Anesthesia Touch is ideal for a variety of office-based anesthesia settings, such as dental surgery, plastic surgery, pain management and much more.  

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Scheduler Application

Included with Anesthesia Touch is an integrated Scheduler application, designed specifically for office-based practitioners to increase efficiency, save time and streamline the scheduling process. This integrated Web-based Scheduler application allows anesthesia clinicians to easily manage their daily schedule, as well as electronically capture patient information, such as demographics, health history, allergies, medications, insurance and health problems, all in advance of surgery.

Anesthesia Touch for Office-Based Anesthesia Practitioners includes:

  • Complete and Accurate Anesthesia Record
  • Preoperative Documentation Creation of an Anesthesia Evaluation Document
  • Intraoperative & Postoperative Documentation
  • Custom Consent Forms
  • Electronic Record Access
  • Scheduler Application (Windows-based) integrates with Anesthesia Touch
  • Easily Configurable and Extensive Reporting Tool
  • Quality Capture
  • Simultaneous Chart Access
  • Cloud-based Server
  • 5-8 Week Implementation Timeline
  • Online Training
  • Contact Support 24/7 via: phone, email & Web portal

PreOperative Workflow

Fully Integrated Schedule and Pre-Anesthesia Testing Application

Anesthesia Workflow