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About Plexus Technology Group, LLC

Plexus Technology Group, LLC (formerly Plexus Information Systems), a subsidiary of MiraMed Global Services, is a leading anesthesia information management and medication management systems provider. Plexus Technology Group developed Anesthesia Touch™, a comprehensive AIMS that works on an iPad and workstation, for use by hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based providers.  Anesthesia providers can document their preoperative evaluation, intraoperative anesthesia care and post anesthesia discharge on one simple interface. Quality data capture, clinical decision support, and staff resource management are some of many additional features.
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Our products will streamline many critical processes in the operating room environment. 
We have a passion for utilizing the latest technology in enhancing the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

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Executive Team
Albert Woo Albert Woo, MD | President
Dr. Woo is a board certified anesthesiologist with vast experience in health care information technologies. Dr. Woo uses his clinical experience and knowledge of IT technologies to develop and bring new innovations to Plexus Technology Group. He has been involved with information technologies since his undergraduate studies of Molecular Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. After completing his anesthesia residency at Boston University, Dr. Woo worked as a consultant for Plexus Management Group prior to co-founding Plexus Technology Group. Dr. Woo also serves on numerous IS and quality committees for hospitals and national organizations.

Jack Li   Jack Li | Vice President of Software Development
Mr. Li has over 18 years experience in the software industry as a software developer and architect. Prior to joining Plexus TG, Mr. Li was in the software consulting business and was involved in numerous large scale global and mission critical projects. Mr. Li worked for Lotus Development as an architect for enterprise applications. His software design and development skills were utilized in numerous projects for companies such as IBM, Microsoft Consulting, Fidelity Investments, Merck Medco, and New York Life.

Doug Marcey   Doug Marcey | Vice President of Technology
Mr. Marcey has been working in software for over 20 years as a developer, architect, leader, consultant, and coach. In his role as Vice President of Technology, he is responsible for setting the vision and managing with the team to create and maintain the Plexus TG platforms and applications. Prior to working with Plexus TG, Mr. Marcey worked in a variety of roles and software projects across the Defense, Government, Healthcare, Non-profit, Entertainment, and Financial sectors; including working as Chief Architect of the Frontiers AIMS/Perioperative documentation platform from 2005-2010. Mr. Marcey's undergraduate focused on Computer Science, Mathematics, and Linguistics and his graduate research was in artificial intelligence and physics.

John Pearson   John A. Pearson | Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Mr. Pearson brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the Anesthesia and Health Information Technology market. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing, he is responsible for the overall marketing and sales strategy. Previously, he was the Director of Sales for Docusys, a leading provider of anesthesia information systems that was acquired by Merge Healthcare Inc. in 2010. Prior to joining Docusys, Mr. Pearson was engaged as a consultant to several growth stage companies. His healthcare career also includes cutting edge sales and marketing success in representing startup anesthesia technology products including Baxter Anesthesia. Mr. Pearson holds a B.S. in Economics and an M.B.A. in Marketing.

Rob Henry

  Rob Henry | Vice President of Client Services
Mr. Henry has over 16 years of healthcare information systems implementation and support experience. As Vice President of Client Services he is responsible for the delivery of the Plexus Technology Group solution and post production support of the end users. Prior to working at Plexus TG he has worked at various healthcare information systems vendors deploying enterprise wide clinical and financial applications.

Greg Matthews
  Greg Matthews | Director of Product Management
Mr. Matthews has over 18 years experience with healthcare software and hardware product development and product management, including more than 10 years with anesthesia products. As Director of Product Management, he defines product strategy and priorities, incorporating internal and external expertise into a cohesive product vision. Previously, Mr. Matthews was a product manager and engineer for DocuSys, a leading provider of anesthesia information systems that was acquired by Merge Healthcare Inc. in 2010. He holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jennifer Dixon
  Jennifer Dixon | Director of Communications
Ms. Dixon has over 15 years of marketing experience in the healthcare and financial information systems' industry and over 10 years experience working specifically with anesthesia information systems. As Director of Communications, Ms. Dixon is responsible for managing and improving the day-to-day operations and the planning, development and implementation of all the organization's communications and public relations activities. Previously, Ms. Dixon was Director of Marketing for an anesthesia information management systems provider based in Atlanta, GA.  Ms. Dixon received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of South Alabama.

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About Us
Plexus Technology Group's AIMS product, Anesthesia Touch™, is fully-rated by KLAS. Anesthesia Touch achieves the KLAS Konfidence rating. KLAS is an independent research organization specializing in the healthcare market.

You can view the KLAS rating for Anesthesia Touch by logging on to the KLAS website at Once you log in, you can select the Anesthesia segment to compare industry vendors or simply enter "Plexus Technology Group Anesthesia Touch" in the search field. If you do not have a login, registration is free.


KLAS helps healthcare providers make informed technology decisions by reporting accurate, honest, and impartial vendor performance data. KLAS focuses solely on the healthcare technology industry. Their main areas of research are software, professional services, and medical equipment.
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About Us
  Plexus TG partners with Neximatic to deliver medical device connectivity to all our customers

Plexus TG is proud to be a
MUSE Commercial Member

MUSE International
  Codonics' medication safety system is fully
integrated with Plexus TG's Anesthesia TouchTM

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SLS Scanning

It's never been easier to ensure safety and compliance.

Safe Label System Honored as Winner in the
2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards

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Plexus TG's Pharmacy TouchTM solution offers secure narcotic storage integrated with Anesthesia TouchTM and the Capsa Solutions Anesthesia Cart.

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Anesthesia Cart

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