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The Complete Anesthesia Information Management System

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Anesthesia Touch Brochure Anesthesia Touch™ is a full-featured anesthesia information management system (AIMS) for both iPad and Windows and is developed for use by hospitals, surgery centers, and office-based providers. A leading anesthesia EMR program, Anesthesia Touch, offers a complete solution for anesthesia documentation and uses a cloud-based solution for capturing, managing and storing patient information.

Intuitive, Fast, and Easy to Use

Streamlines Preoperative Workflow with Real-time Integration
Anesthesia Touch, a complete anesthesia information management system, improves the documentation process through interface integration with a variety of systems.  Anesthesia providers will save time and improve efficiency by accessing patient registration data, surgery schedules, patient assessment, and lab results all from one system, thereby eliminating redundant documentation and streamlining the preoperative process. 

Anesthesia Touch Improves the Quality and Efficiency in the OR
Sample Anesthesia Touch ScreensAnesthesia Touch on the iPad or Windows touchscreen delivers a complete intraoperative anesthesia record that supports clinicians’ quality initiatives to participate in national quality databases, such as PQRI, AQI, SCIP and SCOR. Clinicians save time and improve efficiency with an electronic intraoperative record that automatically captures patient’s vital signs and allows simultaneous record access, ideal for care team practice. 

Smoothes Transition to Postoperative Care with Anesthesia Touch
At the end of a case, the clinician quickly and easily completes the postoperative documentation and then electronically signs off on the case.  The electronic signature triggers an automatic transmission of information required for billing, compared to paper records that may take several days after the procedure has been completed to reach the billing department. The configurable case completeness checks assure compliance with billing regulations and national quality initiatives.

Saves Time by Automatically Capturing Vital Signs using Anesthesia Touch
The automatic collection of physiologic data from patient monitors is an important time saver by eliminating manual data entry and establishing an accurate electronic record, so the clinician’s focus is on delivering excellent patient care.  One major benefit with an automated system is the ability to capture the data faster, better and more comprehensive than a paper record, including the ability to backfill the physiologic data to the record for an emergency case.

Enhances Flexibility with Anesthesia Information Management System Mobility
Plexus TG takes full advantage of the iPad technology by developing an AIMS application that is native to the Apple iOS on the iPad.  Clinicians can instantly view patient vital signs for all operating rooms at one time, enhancing remote monitoring of cases.

The Power of an AIMS with the Simplicity of an App

Anesthesia Touch Streamlines the Billing Process
Anesthesia Touch electronically delivers complete documentation to the billing office, which speeds up both the billing and revenue collection process. The billing office has access to the complete anesthesia documentation including PreOp Evaluation, Patient Consent form, Anesthesia Record, Discharge Note, and Captured Images.

Improves Reimbursement through Coding – ICD-10 Ready!
Anesthesia Touch delivers clinicians an easily searchable coding module with full access to ICD10, CPT and Anesthesia Crosswalk codes. By coding at the point of care, rather than retroactively in billing office, providers ensure they are capturing the level of specificity needed for accurate charging and full reimbursement.

Anesthesia Touch Promotes Compliance with National Quality Initiatives
Anesthesia Touch delivers extensive quality data capture features built into the system with customized data capture capabilities that helps clinicians participate in national quality databases, such as PQRI, AQI, NACOR and SCOR. By automating the anesthesia record, clinians enhance accessibility and quality of patient data for research and analytics with the Anesthesia Reporting Solution, compared to limited accessibility offered by paper records.

Anesthesia Touch Optimizes Workflow with Robust Interoperability and Connectivity
Implementing an AIMS (anesthesia information management system) with real-time integration that continues from preoperative care through postoperative care enhances patient safety, reduces errors, increases reimbursement, eliminates duplicate entry, saves time, improves accurate documentation and stores analytical data for reporting. Plexus TG interfaces with numerous anesthesia machines, patient monitors, and other monitoring devices.

Plexus TG utilizes an interface engine to send and receive data: Surgery Schedule (HL7 SIU), Registration (HL7 ADT), Lab Results (HL7 ORM), Patient Assessment (Allergies, Medications, Hx), Pyxis/Omnicell, Professional Charges, Hospital Charges, and more.

ONC 20142014 ONC-ACB Certified
This Complete EHR certification is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Learn more about Anesthesia Touch Learn More

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