Touch Analytics: Data Analytics for Anesthesia Practices

Anesthesia Touch is designed to make data capture as effortless as possible. It provides a streamlined user interface to ensure it is easy for clinicians to complete a record as part of the natural workflow. Macros and smart prompts work together to capture entries when most appropriate and to alert clinicians to any omission. By starting with a documentation system with proven clinical acceptance, Anesthesia Touch provides the necessary raw data for deep analytics.

Touch Analytics provides practices direct access to all the data captured by Anesthesia Touch. Its simple report editor allows managers of all stripes access to the data needed to inform valuable insights. Touch Analytics features include:

  • Built-in reports offer answers to common questions, such as “are we using the OR efficiently” and “how is our quality reporting?”
  • Fully customizable data elements and report layout allow for presenting data in the most meaningful way
  • User access controls make reports accessible to authorized users from any location
  • Built-in Quality Reporting options, such as numerator-denominator calculations, to support building custom reports for any measure from any registry
  • Simple data export makes data available to existing analytics and data workflows

Touch Analytics' features provide a foundation for helping to understand quality and value in your practice, and how to leverage the same moving forward.

Leverage Existing Reports

Touch Analytics automatically aggregates the Anesthesia Touch data into clinical, operational, and quality reports. These built-in reports are constantly expanding to suit the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Image of pie chart of sample payors and bar chart of case mix by surgery type


With the ability to copy and modify the built-in reports, Touch Analytics is designed to help administrators quickly and easily understand efficiency, utilization, and throughput in the perioperative environment.

Dialog of copy


Maximize your Resources

Touch Analytics allows users to drill down into staff and OR utilization to understand exactly how resources are being used. Since the surgical suite is often the financial and operational center for anesthesia, viewing a caseload in the context of used resources can help unlock the potential of the operating room. Data-driven decision-making can improve scheduling and patient satisfaction, unlocking the potential of all available resources.

Resource Table by hour

Set Goals, Measure Progress

Practices have goals and, when appropriate, using data to track your progress towards those goals can be empowering. Touch Analytics provides accessible data enabling you to pinpoint timing issues in cases, explore staff utilization, and track changes in overall operation. Understanding operational strengths and opportunities through data can help your practice grow in the ways that are most important, beginning with a detailed understanding of the numbers.

Anesthesia Delays and Cancellations Ratio

Track Quality Measures

Benchmarks for Fictional Providers for Normothermia Ratios

Touch Analytics includes reports which support clinicians’ participation in national quality databases and directly in MIPS. As case data is finalized, managers can see compliance updates, thereby assessing compliance with quality reporting. The ability to see interim quality data allows for improvements in the surgical space to help move the entire care team forward, and guide the practice to perform at it’s highest level.

Benchmark the Team

With the ability to create benchmark reports, users can clearly review and evaluate quality initiative performance on the provider level. This allows the anesthesia team to see how they are doing individually. If the group is striving towards new procedures or documentation, custom reports with per provider benchmarks help show who is impacted by procedure changes and who may need help with changes. With the ability to customize report elements into individual benchmarks by anesthesia provider, surgeon, or facility, you can focus on improvements with laser like precision.


Bar charts showing case mix with age distribution, anesthetic type, and ASA distribution

Explore Your Case Mix

Different patients require different care. Anesthesia Touch's detailed, structured data capture means that you can drill down into your case mix in ways that other EHRs simply cannot. By using custom reports, you can understand comprehensive and complex ways exactly how the patient population and case mix impact your protocols and overall quality. Investigate case times per anesthesia type, medication usage, on time starts, or specific procedures like nerve blocks, and then easily see the breakdown by ASA classification, age, or anesthesia type.

Demonstrate Departmental Value

Communication between an anesthesia practice and its hospital facilitates dialog and helps engender a sense of partnership, as opposed to one of contracted labor. Touch Analytics reports enable the anesthesia practice to proactively manage staffing models and clinician workload as well as monitor important shared indicators like case duration. Benchmarking helps identify trends and isolate outliers, providing the detailed data necessary to understand root causes and support corrective actions.

List of Times Anesthesia Start to OR Start, Anew Start to Induction Complete, Anesthesia Start to Anesthesia Ready Time, Avg OR Stop to PACU Start, PACU Start to Anes Stop

Use your Data Where you Want

List of Data Fields from Touch Analytics Report Editor

With all of the discrete data elements from the anesthesia record readily available, Touch Analytics offers rich possibilities for research and detailed investigations. In addition to prebuilt reports, Touch Analytics’ engine makes it easy to export pre-selected or ad-hoc data sets into Excel-compatible data files for further analysis. Touch Analytics directly integrates with an increasing number of business intelligence systems.

Share Reports with your Team

For users new to data analytics, Touch Analytics offers an easily navigable reporting system that provides a suite of comprehensive and customizable reports. Informative graphs, charts, and diagrams can be customized to show different types of data. This makes it easy to share reports in an organization to demonstrate criteria. Reports can even be set up so that others viewing them can filter to see patterns and trends in facilities, date ranges, staff, and other case data.