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Anesthesia Solutions

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The Complete Anesthesia Medication Management Solution

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Seamless Integration at the Point of Care

Its never been easier to ensure Safety and Compliance in the operating room.

Plexus Technology Group and Codonics have partnered to deliver the checks and balances required for accountable care, improving everything from inventory to billing to compliancy and, ultimately, your patients' safety. Integrating worldwide best practices and multiple safety checks during drug preparation and administration, the integrated solution is helping to ensure medication accuracy at the point of care.

Click here to view Sample Pharmacy Touch ReportsPharmacy TouchTM, a modular add-on to Anesthesia Touch, leverages Anesthesia Touch such that medication access, charging, waste, and reconciliation is seamlessly integrated into the anesthesia workflow. The closed-loop audit trail for controlled substances begins and ends in the pharmacy of the hospital or outpatient facility. The system uniquely allows the clinician to concurrently reduce errors, document and charge for drugs while remaining focused on patient care.

Safe Label System® (SLS), an award-winning, FDA class 2 medical device, utilizes barcode technology to read information from a drug container and electronically verify it against the pharmacy's hospital-approved drug database. SLS addresses the three most common errors made during the selection, preparation and administration of injectable and intravenous medications, helping to prevent vial and ampoule swaps, mislabeling and syringe swaps while ensuring medication labeling compliance.
MediCart - Anesthesia Cart
MediCartTM, an' integrated medication dispensing cart for anesthesia, provides secure storage of medications used by anesthesia (an important issue for pharmacy) while preserving the clinician's ability to quickly access their full selection of medications needed for a case (an important issue for anesthesia clinicians). The anesthesia cart provides the only dispensing solution that is integrated with an anesthesia information management system (AIMS) such that non-narcotic drawers are opened at case start and automatically closed following case close. Narcotic drawers meet mandatory lock-up policies.


  • Keyless entry self-locking anesthesia cart meets regulatory compliance standards such as JCAHO's (i.e., mandated lock-up policies)
  • 24/7 secured access
  • Cart unlocks via single sign on through Anesthesia Touch
  • Narcotics can be separately credentialed, providing added security
  • Cart can be accessed without opening the patient record to prepare for the next case or restock the cart
  • Large storage capacity meets typical case requirements for drugs and supplies
Anesthesia Workflow
Medication Management Brochure
Using the integrated solution, a single scan of the medication vial on SLS confirms the medication visually and audibly and immediately produces an easy-to-read, full-color Joint Commission-compliant medication label. Simultaneously, the medication dispense transaction is recorded, seamlessly updating pharmacy’s inventory counts and controlled substance tracking. When anesthesia is ready to deliver the medication to the patient, a quick wave of the labeled syringe past the barcode scanner triggers documentation in Anesthesia Touch, including real-time safety checks and automated pharmacy charging. Simultaneously, the medication dispense transaction is recorded, seamlessly updating Pharmacy’s inventory counts and controlled substance tracking.

Plexus Technology Group has made medication management simple with its intuitive, easy-to-use system. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, it delivers unparalleled safety-driven technology throughout the Perioperative setting.

Pharmacy TouchAdvantages:
  • Eliminates manual input
  • Enables proactive drug error prevention support
  • Provides precise data collection on drug usage, costs, and waste for reporting
  • Automates narcotic tracking
  • Warns of syringe re-use


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