Rotaplast InternationalJackson, Mich.,— Rotaplast International Inc., a humanitarian non-profit organization, announces the successful addition of the Plexus Technology Group, LLC (Plexus TG) anesthesia EMR, Anesthesia Touch™, in their mission work performed all around the world. Rotaplast anesthesia teams began electronically charting anesthesia records during their mission trips to Faridabad, India and Chittagong, Bangladesh and will continue beginning with their mission trip to Guatemala City, Guatemala in February 2017.

Rotaplast recognized that traditional anesthesia EMR solutions, such as those that dominate at large universities, were not practical for their mission trips, nevertheless they understood electronic recordkeeping should be part of their humanitarian vision. They sought out a state-of-the-art mobile cloud-hosted solution with the flexibility to succeed in the various environments encountered on global missions. Rotaplast volunteer anesthesiologists were pleased to find such a solution in Anesthesia Touch Plexus TG, a company willing to support their humanitarian vision.

“The anesthetic record was developed as a tool for improving care, but the classic written record does little to help us as the provider or those we are teaching at our host hospitals. Anesthesia Touch provides all the things we need and want from an electronic record, such as legibility and accuracy. In addition, its platform provides a searchable database making it easy to study and analyze past cases, enhancing our ability to learn and improve future experiences,” says Neal Fleming, MD, PhD, Chief Anesthesiologist and Board of Directors' Vice Chair at Rotaplast International; and Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Vice Chair for Education, and Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia at UC Davis Medical Center.

Rotaplast has been providing free cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgery to children and families around the world for 25 years. The organization partners with local medical professionals and Rotary clubs to send 30-person multidisciplinary medical teams to developing countries. Not only do these teams provide comprehensive surgery and treatment free of charge, but they also educate and train the local medical staff. Plexus TG is proud to have Anesthesia Touch featured as a best practice tool for anesthetic care. A team usually runs three operating rooms with each requiring a plastic surgeon, an anesthesiologist and an operating room nurse, as well as other support volunteers. Rotaplast volunteers treat approximately 100 children per mission and have performed reconstructive surgery for over 18,000 children in 26 countries on five continents.

 “It’s a privilege for Plexus Technology Group to support the compassionate work provided by Rotaplast and to assist the more than forty anesthesiologists who volunteer on twelve to fifteen missions each year. We are very pleased to share our AIMS technology and cloud hosting services with Rotaplast. Anesthesia Touch delivers greater efficiency allowing the anesthesia team to spend even more time with the children they treat all around the world,” explains Tony Mira, CEO of Plexus TG.

About Rotaplast International Inc.
Rotaplast International, Inc., a non-profit organization, was founded in 1992. In 1996, Rotaplast became a separate non-profit corporation and has since consistently expanded its number of annual missions. In February 2015, Rotaplast sent its 200th mission and to date has served over 18,000 children. Rotaplast is committed to helping children and families worldwide by eliminating the burden of cleft lip and/or palate, burn scarring, and other deformities. Working with local professionals, Rotarians, and other organizations, Rotaplast sends multidisciplinary medical teams to provide free reconstructive surgery, ancillary treatment, and training for the comprehensive care of these children. Rotaplast supports education and research towards prevention of cleft lip and/or palate. Their aim is to help local professionals build sustainable models for the care of these children, improving their lives and those of their families. Rotaplast Chief Executive Officer Donna-Lee Young Rubin adds that Rotaplast is a participating organization with Rotary International Districts as part of Vocational Training Teams. Vocational Training Grants are centered around groups of professionals traveling abroad to teach local professionals to be independent or around projects designed to be sustainable. Rotaplast is part of a VTT Pediatric Craniofacial Reconstructive Unit in Iasi, Romania for surgical/ anesthesia training. Some of the scheduled Rotaplast missions for 2017 include Guatemala, Romania, Peru, Tanzania, Myanmar, Colombia, Venezuela, Bangladesh and India.  For more information, please visit

About Plexus Technology Group, LLC
Plexus Technology Group, a subsidiary of MiraMed Global Services, is a leading provider of anesthesia information management and medication management systems.  Anesthesia Touch is a full-featured AIMS for both Windows and iOS platforms that supports concurrent charting and automatically records physiological data. It is easy to use, enhances patient safety, provides comprehensive anesthesia documentation and is certified as a full EHR for meaningful use.  Pharmacy Touch™, a modular add-on to Anesthesia Touch, automates controlled substance reconciliation, eliminates duplicate documentation, reduces drug errors and delivers charge capture and decision support at the point of care. 

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