Jackson, Mich.,—Plexus Technology Group, LLC (Plexus TG), a market-leading, best-of-breed provider of anesthesia information management systems (AIMS), is pleased to announce a new tool in the Anesthesia Touch™ suite, Touch Track. This web application uses real-time information from integrated hospital electronic medical records (EMR) and anesthesia documentation systems to provide an updated view of patient status in PreOp, the OR and recovery room.

Touch Track automatically captures information from hospital integrations and real-time documentation to provide visibility to OR staff about room and procedure times (such as in room/out of room and surgical closing). By automatically updating from the electronic anesthesia record, no additional effort is required to communicate key events to all OR staff. OR nursing staff can also update case information or add additional events to help manage OR efficiency in a single tool.

“Anesthesia Touch—by virtue of the anesthesia record—has real-time information about how a case is progressing in the OR, which is incredibly useful. Combined with streaming vitals and schedule information from hospital systems, Touch Track provides incredible insight into what’s going on in the perioperative environment right now,” said Vice President of Technology, Doug Marcey. “This represents some of the unique functionality we can provide in the perioperative space because we capture structured information from so many sources, from our library of interfaces to our proven charting user interface.”

In addition to the visibility Touch Track provides to hospital staff, it also has an anonymized version of cases’ status for patient’s family members. From a web browser, patient-facing staff can check patient progress or the board can be displayed for family members to view directly and use with an automated, anonymous patient ID. Touch Track presents a filtered view of case status that helps family members track their loved one’s arrival in recovery.

“Touch Track shows how having a foundation in usability and interoperability can unlock real value from healthcare IT,” said Tony Mira, CEO of Plexus Technology Group. “These strategies allow us to build powerful tools without increasing caretaker’s documentation burden, be it custom analytics or real-time status. Having a dashboard showing OR use throughout the hospital is both operationally transformational and empowers more engaged patient care.”

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Plexus Technology Group, a subsidiary of MiraMed Global Services, is a leading provider of anesthesia information management and medication management systems.  Anesthesia Touch is a full-featured AIMS for both Windows and iOS platforms that supports concurrent charting and automatically records physiological data. It is easy to use, enhances patient safety, provides comprehensive anesthesia documentation and is certified as a full EHR for meaningful use.  Pharmacy Touch a modular add-on to Anesthesia Touch, automates controlled substance reconciliation, eliminates duplicate documentation, reduces drug errors and delivers charge capture and decision support at the point of care. 

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