Pharmacy Touch

Plexus Technology Group makes medication management simple with its intuitive, easy-to-use system. Designed to streamline the dispensing, labeling, charting, and reconciliation of anesthesia medications, Plexus TG’s medication management system provides the only drug cart solution built on the strengths of an anesthesia information management system (AIMS).

Pharmacy TouchTM, a modular add-on to Anesthesia TouchTM, gives anesthesia providers and their pharmacies a unified solution including:

  • Controlled-access cabinets featuring single sign-on from Anesthesia Touch
  • Barcode medication administration promoting safety and syringe labeling compliance
  • Closed-loop reconciliation synchronized with the clinical record
  • Automated charging from administration, ensuring accuracy

Medication Cabinets Designed for Anesthesia

The Pharmacy Touch MediCartTM enables secure access to medications when and where they are used.  Single sign-on from Anesthesia Touch seamlessly integrates medication management into the anesthetist’s workflow, while the double-locking drawer balances easy access with controlled substance accountability.

Flexible options for footprint size, drawer configuration and accessories make the MediCart a perfect fit for organizing medications and anesthesia supplies across a variety of operating rooms and procedure areas.

Barcode Medication Verification

Enabled by market-leading integration with the Codonics Safe Label System® (SLS), Pharmacy Touch streamlines medication preparation and administration.  A single scan of the vial dispenses the inventory, produces a full-color Joint Commission-compliant barcode syringe label and reduces the most common OR drug errors:

  • Container scanning and confirmation helps prevent vial and ampoule swaps 
  • TJC-compliant design eliminates problems caused by incomplete or illegible labeling
  • Barcode verification reduces point-of-delivery errors including syringe swaps or use of expired syringes

Audit-Proof Controlled Substance Records

Comprehensive controlled substance logs are created by joining the medication cart inventory records with anesthesia's clinical patient records.  Pharmacy Touch works seamlessly with Anesthesia Touch, reconciling dispense, delivery and waste amounts automatically with each medication administration.  

Replace manual review processes with real-time validations that prompt the anesthesia provider to correct discrepancies as they complete each surgical case, rather than days later.  Choose to eliminate unnecessary steps and redundant records.  

Choose Pharmacy Touch.


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(May 12, 2016) Plexus Technology Group, LLC announces Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) advanced their pharmacy operations and upgraded their anesthesia EMR with Plexus TG’s combined anesthesia information and medication management system. 

Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Implements Plexus Technology Group's Anesthesia Information and Medication Management System
(March 16, 2016) Plexus Technology Group, LLC (Plexus TG) is pleased to announce that Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) successfully implemented Plexus TG’s innovative Anesthesia Information and Medication Management Solution.  By choosing the combined solution, NVRH’s anesthesia department upgraded from paper records and simultaneously improved their medication supply, safety, documentation and reconciliation processes.

Oswego Hospital Combines Plexus TG's Anesthesia Information and Drug Management System with Codonics Safe Label System
(June 17, 2014) Plexus Technology Group announced today that Oswego Hospital began implementing Plexus TG’ Anesthesia Information and Medication Management System in collaboration with the Codonics Safe Label System® (SLS), which is accessible through single sign-on.

Plexus Technology Group and Codonics Partner to Co-Market Anesthesia Patient Safety Solutions
(February 25, 2014) Both companies will co-market Codonics Safe Label System® (SLS) with Plexus TG’ Anesthesia Touch™ and Pharmacy Touch™ products as a fully integrated solution, to bring new levels of efficiencies and proactive drug error prevention to the anesthesia process in the OR.