Anesthesia Quality Reporting Software

Hospitals and clinicians are under increasing pressure to collect and report on the breadth and depth of clinical quality. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have made it clear that anesthesia departments are no exception, and other payers are sure to follow suit. As the measures grow more complex, and as the financial incentives and penalties grow steeper, paper-based data collection will quickly become obsolete.

Quality Data Collection

The Plexus TG platform is able to leverage its design innovations for anesthesia charting for quality data capture as well. Quality reporting relies on accurate data capture, and Anesthesia Touch provides mobility, smart prompts, and custom entry mechanics to help ensure it's easy for clinicians to capture the data needed for CMS and others:

  • An easy-to-use platform on both iOS and Windows allows clinicians to add quality data in the OR during the case or from a tablet in PACU; complete quality documentation when and where it makes sense
  • Anesthesia Touch provides smart prompts that can trigger documentation reminders based on charted events and remind clinicians of new or added documentation requirements, ensuring that even new initiatives can get fast, comprehensive compliance
  • Quick macros and charting and data capture enhancements can be tailored to quality initatives, showing clinicians quick checklists and custom documentation screens that provide relevant information or dynamically show documentation fields

Plexus TG's platform provides an end-to-end solution that encompasses everything from data capture to exploration in order to manage your practice or hospital's quality reporting initiatives. By starting with a first-class documentation system with proven clinical acceptance, Anesthesia Touch provides a trusted platform for capture of accurate quality data.

On-Demand Quality Reporting

Plexus Technology offers an easily navigable reporting system that provides a suite of comprehensive and customizable reports. Included in many reports are informative graphs, charts, and diagrams to aid in report illustration. Because the reporting engine is built on a streamlined and comprehensive data capture process, managers can confidently explore their data for new performance insights.

Dynamic reports allow you to see data from several perspectives, not just the overall performance rate. Filter quality data to see patterns or trends in facilities, date ranges, staff or other case data:

Cardiac Procedure Times

Cardiac Procedure Time report shows some of the data available and options to explore

A subset of reports within the Plexus TG reporting module help clinicians participate in national quality databases. In order to assess compliance with such reporting measures, OR or Practice Managers can see updates on compliance as case data is finalized. The ability to see interim quality data allows for improvements in the surgical space to help move the entire care team forward.

Smoking Cessation Description

Smoking cessation is an example of a quality measure that can be tracked

In addition, the Plexus TG reporting platform has reports focused on operational metrics, suitable for tracking initiatives to improve patient care or perioperative efficiency.