Analytics Software for Anesthesiology Practices

The surgical suite is often the financial and operational (pun intended) heart of the hospital. Anesthesia providers play a critical role in the patient's surgical experience; therefore, an understanding of anesthesia's impact is key to unlocking the potential of the operating room. Data-driven discussions pave the way for informed decision-making, efficient scheduling and staff and patient satisfaction.

Plexus Technology Group empowers their customers with a robust, easy-to-use AIMS Data Analytics system.

Anesthesia departments and facilities no longer have to speculate about the performance of their operating suite. Information gathered in Anesthesia Touch is automatically aggregated into clinical, operational and quality reports which provide actionable insights. Our array of reports is constantly expanding to suit the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the healthcare industry.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

As health care moves towards value-based payment models, OR managers are under increasing pressure to utilize fewer resources while at the same time yielding better surgical outcomes.  Our reporting system is designed to help administrators understand efficiency, utilization and throughput in the perioperative environment.

OR utilization reports can help visualize patterns and trends


Departmental Value

Communication between the anesthesia practice and its hospital facilitates dialog and helps engender a sense of partnership, as opposed to contracted labor. Performance dashboards enable the anesthesia practice to proactively manage its staffing model and clinician workload. Benchmarking and comparative analyses identify trends and isolate outliers, providing the detailed data necessary to understand root causes and support corrective actions.

Staff Hours Report

Staff hours and other operational reports can provide an overview


Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

With all of the discrete data elements from the anesthesia record available at your fingertips, the solution offers rich possibilities for research and detailed investigations. In addition to prebuilt reports, the analytics engine makes it easy to export pre-selected or ad-hoc data sets into Excel-compatible data files for further analysis. 

Sample Reports

In addition to monitoring OR turnover and medication usage, other examples include the ability to determine the number of nerve blocks delivered, the percentage of cases with an on time start and the number of difficult airways.

Easily see the breakdown of cases by ASA, age or anesthesia type distribution, to explore aspects of your case mixture:

Or, review performance data for quality initiatives using built in reports: