AIMS and Surgical Care Goals

The projects that advance the strategic goals of a hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) in the shortest amount of time warrant financing. However, clinical areas that drive the most value at the fastest pace are often overlooked. In particular, paper anesthesia records are often overlooked as other areas digitize, in spite of the fact that anesthesia is in the most expensive “real estate” in any facility—the surgical arena. Plexus TG’s platform incorporates new technologies that can further initiatives in this arena and are tailored to real anesthetic care needs:

"We are very pleased with Anesthesia Touch at both the New England Bapist Hospital in Boston and at the Bapist's two outpatient surgical centers at Brookline and Dedham. Anesthesia Touch is easy to use and is a highly functional anesthesia electronic medical record system that provides us with invaluable information. In addition to patient care information, we are able to gather data on quality, OR efficiency and utilization, and cost."

Robert Bode MD
Chairman, Department of Anesthesia
New England Baptist Hospital

  • Data Analytics: by capturing the anesthesia record as structured data, you can find patterns in data more easily — for instance, seeing case delays on–demand in the context of case mix, procedure types, and staff assignment.
  • Open Architecture: ADT, SIU, labs, and other patient data all flow through surgical systems, and an electronic anesthesia record can consume and add to that data, providing up–to–date patient information in a legible format so anesthesia can focus on diagnosis and charge capture, not re–entering information.
  • Quality Initiatives: New quality initiatives can be complex to roll out or make additions to the record and get compliance quickly. Plexus TG’s Anesthesia Touch allows for the rollout of new documentation macros and smart prompts to remind everyone about new initiatives as they’re documenting.
  • Medication Management: Closed loop medication management can be a boon to drug safety, ease audits, and improve patient safety. Plexus TG's pharmacy tools are built in a modular way to integrate into anesthesia locations to make the best practices easy practices.
  • Efficiency and Compliance: Anesthesiologists and CRNAs first responsibility is the patient. An electronic system purpose built for anesthesia charting allows for optimized workflows, smart reminders about documentation, and support to meet compliance.

Anesthesia is often a missed opportunity, but a key value driver in a surgical facility. Moving to a first class AIMS solution provides the tools to unlock gains in efficiency and patient care, but it must be a solution that providers embrace due to its ease-of-use and integrated fit with the complex workflows in the surgical environment. Plexus TG’s reviews demonstrate a commitment to providing that experience, which is key to unlocking the potential of an AIMS.

"We selected Plexus TG as we found their system to be the most intuitive on the market and one that our end users will find very efficient. Plexus TG has also been responsive to our needs, tailoring the system to meet our specific work flow requirements."

Barry Ryle, Chief Information Officer
Oswego Health

In addition to clinical uptake, implementing any new solution in the OR can be challenging due to the space’s importance and complexity. The best approach to an implementation begins with an understanding of the reality of IT in the surgical care environment. Our commitment to the space is clear in our implementation timelines: while typical surgical system installations average 9 to 12 months, Plexus TG's installations are accomplished within 4 months. Plexus TG's proven implementation process provides positive financial returns before other OR systems are even installed.

The Plexus TG value proposition is straightforward: focus on a technology that parallels the objectives of the hospital in the most valuable property of the hospital (surgery) and utilize an overlooked asset (anesthesia) as an agent.

We invite you to take a closer look; it may transform your IT investment strategy.