Anesthesia EMR Workflow Software

A major objective of anesthesia practitioners in using an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) is to improve the quality and efficiency of the care delivered. Anesthesia Electronic Medical Records (AEMR) of today must provide intuitive and easy-to-use methods to help caregivers collect, consolidate, and manage patient data. Plexus TG is driven to create tools that help clinicians focus on the quality of patient care, either by providing innovative capabilities or by removing inefficiency. No where is this more evident than in the workflow efficiencies Anesthesia Touch provides, from small charting interactions to larger operational efficiencies.

"The patient's history, allergies, and meds all flow into the iPad. Having that information literally at our fingertips streamlines our pre-anesthesia evaluation, helping us avoid delays and keep the OR suite running on schedule."

Carroll Ruhlman, Chief CRNA
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital


Plexus TG's Anesthesia Touch features the following workflow advantages:

  • Apple iPad/iOS platform for maximum portability
  • Ability to quickly and easily document care
  • Automatically captures physiologic patient data
  • Compliance quality control prompts
  • Medication delivery decision support targeted to anesthetic delivery
  • Allergy alerts and prompts to deliver prophylactic antibiotics
  • Automated medication and supply charge capture
  • Improved legibility and comprehensiveness of the patient record
  • Easily accessible management reports on quality indicators, productivity, patient throughput, and cost

"Plexus' Anesthesia Touch is an exciting product and exactly what I was looking for in an AIMS. Portable, intuitive and fun to work with, it has improved our process enormously."

Shelly R. Stezler MD
Chief, Department of Anesthesia
Canton-Potsdam Hospital

Upgrading from Paper Anesthesia Records

The paper anesthesia record is feasible because surgical care requires that clinicians execute and then document; clinicans take care of the patient and then record what is needed. Plexus TG's platform is focused on understanding the needs of documentation in a surgical care environment while delivering innovations uniquely suited to the care space:

  • Electronic records are always legible and can be printed or sent via interface to distribute information throughout the surgical care environment

  • Software can easily remind or even enforce required-entry fields to ensure complete records, making documentation changes easier for clinicians and management

  • Computerized records can reliably transcribe and provide clinicians reminders of key information, eliminating the need to re-chart critical patient information like allergy alerts

  • Automatic streaming of vitals eliminates the tedium of transcription while providing a high-fidelity record with enhanced opportunities to mark the record with clinical comments

  • Electronic records can integrate with medication management systems ("med carts") to simplify reconcilation

  • Data aggregation, analysis, and reporting can be built into modern AIMS (and is in Plexus TG's platform), making it easier to meet payers' requirements for quality reporting and other metrics, such as those required by CMS

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Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Implements Plexus Technology Group's Anesthesia Information and Medication Management System
(March 16, 2016) Plexus Technology Group, LLC (Plexus TG) is pleased to announce that Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) successfully implemented Plexus TG’s innovative Anesthesia Information and Medication Management Solution.  By choosing the combined solution, NVRH’s anesthesia department upgraded from paper records and simultaneously improved their medication supply, safety, documentation and reconciliation processes.

Integrated Anesthesia Documentation Improves Workflow at Canton-Potsdam Hospital
(July 28, 2015) Plexus Technology Group announced today that Canton-Potsdam Hospital (CPH), a not-for-profit community healthcare facility in Potsdam, New York, has successfully automated its anesthesia documentation, transitioning from paper records to Anesthesia Touch™, a state-of-the-art system that streamlines perioperative workflow and allows CPH clinicians to focus upon patient care without the distractions of manual charting and paper shuffling.