Implementation Services

Our Implementation team is committed to client success. We will be by your side throughout the Implementation process – delivering the industry's best practices tailored specifically to your organization's unique patient and business workflow. We are comprised of experienced and well trained individuals committed to delivering a solution that improves patient care and maximizes efficiency in the perioperative environment. 

About the Plexus TG Implementations Process:

"In the past, integration was simply difficult with our previous AIMS vendor, despite multiple efforts. SAMC made a relatively late decision to move to Plexus TG and their team moved quite quickly to implement the AIMS while the hospital was converting house wide to Paragon. I compliment both the Plexus TG Team and SAMC IT Department for pulling off simultaneous implementation of Paragon and Plexus TG-quite complex and handled skillfully!"

Jim York, MD
Medical Director Surgical and Anesthesia Services
Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Software Configuration

Plexus TG's software, Anesthesia Touch, is easily customizable to meet the documentation needs of our clients.  An Implementation Consultant works directly with both the facility and clinical teams to ensure all necessary information is included in their software environment.  In addition, the configurations include any necessary requirements to accommodate quality measures or billing components. 

User Training (Onsite & Remote)

Plexus TG offers a variety of training models to meet your organization's needs. We have credentialed clinical teams, with years of experience, available to accommodate your organization's specific training requests. Training sessions are available onsite and remotely via online training. This customized training allows users to learn how to quickly and easily document electronically using Anesthesia Touch on an iPad or on a Windows touchscreen workstation.

Hardware Installation (Onsite)

Hardware installation is essential to accurate integration between Anesthesia Touch and the facility’s physiologic monitors and anesthesia machines. Onsite installation allows the team to test hardware for any cabling issues between the hardware and the facility’s physiologic monitors. 

Go-Live Support (Onsite)

Plexus TG provides a team to support the transition to Anesthesia Touch during the week of go-live.  The support team is onsite to provide quick responses to any questions and to assist with any last minute workflow concerns.