Preoperative Assessment:  Evidence-based Personalized Patient Risk Score

Effective preoperative assessment and health evaluation is an essential part of planned care pathways and the foundation for safe, efficient care. Touch IQ, an integrated add-on to Anesthesia Touch™, is a complete approach to preoperative assessment. Touch IQ covers the entire process from initial questionnaire right through to post-op outcomes. Clinicians can work from any device in their organization and enjoy instant access to patient records, decision support, communication with colleagues and an “always on” system. 

Touch IQ includes a wide range of scores and assessments, including a personalized, evidence-based ASA risk score for every patient.  A clear and comprehensive summary of the assessment is automatically generated with a recommended ASA score based on the answer tree analysis.


Touch IQ enables better patient outcomes and reduced cost by:

  • Replacing current paper-based preoperative assessment
  • Reducing cancellation rates
  • Improving staff utilization
  • Providing the tools and workflow to assess all patients
  • Automating time-consuming tasks
  • Including decision support
  • Triaging patients faster

Using Touch IQ allows patients, nursing staff and anesthesia teams to efficiently complete pre-anesthesia testing documentation together. Once complete, the information flows seamlessly into the Anesthesia Touch perioperative workflow and can be used for reporting in Touch Analytics to understand the patient population or case mix more fully.


About the Patient Questionnaire

The patient questionnaire is a comprehensive and structured history including lifestyle factors, social circumstances, previous surgical experiences, medications, existing conditions and much more. The questionnaire captures both basic and detailed information and can be completed by staff or patient, enabling you to plan ahead and anticipate complications. If the patient is completing the questionnaire, it can be presented in any language so that the patient is comfortable and informed when completing their responses; Once completed, Touch IQ displays the responses in English to the clinical team. This automation from patient to clinical team and through the preoperative workflow can create a huge cost savings to any organization working with diverse patient populations.

Touch IQ Features include:

  • Patient Screening to capture clear and accurate information, with options for patient self-completion (at a web or kiosk)
  • Triage points to streamline patients based on evidence, allowing the clinicians to begin planning right away
  • Clinical assessment for high risk patients, including in-depth clinical and anesthetic investigations and labs
  • Risk Assessment highlighting risks associated with procedure, tailored for the individual patient
  • Planning covering setup, monitoring and protocols; evidence- based preparation for the procedure
  • Follow Up questionnaire recording post-operative outcomes and patient satisfaction

How can I use Touch IQ?

  • Touch IQ can be used from any networked device (e.g. laptop, PC, iPad, kiosk etc.)
  • Patients can complete their questionnaire remotely – from home, clinic, other location
  • Touch IQ presents questions in the patient’s native language – save on translation costs 
  • Touch IQ can be tailored to your working practices and approaches
  • Touch IQ is secure and reliable
  • Touch IQ can send pertinent preoperative data directly to Anesthesia Touch to support the preoperative workflow


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