Touch Track: A Perioperative Dashboard

The perioperative environment is one of the busiest places in the hospital. Efficient teamwork and focused patient care relies on communication and visibility into patients' status. To meet this need, Touch Track uses the data in Anesthesia Touch to create a real-time dashboard. The information from EMR interfaces and anesthesia documentation builds a complete picture of what's happening with each patient in every location. Team members can view Touch Track from a web browser and project it onto large screens or TVs in key areas. From streaming patient vitals to key procedures times—induction to closing—Touch Track always shows updated information.

Single OR View in Touch Track

However, Touch Track is more than just a dashboard. Staff can add and update additional information to cases to assign staff or operating rooms, making it an ideal complement to traditional whiteboards. Tracking events charted in Anesthesia Touch appear automatically in Track, updating team members for things like patient arrival or room turnovers. Also, Touch Track can create a filtered, anonymized view of patient's progress through the OR for hopsital staff or family members.

Screenshot of Patient Status showing Patients in the OR

Using Touch Track makes documentation even more effective by sharing it in real-time:

  • Display case information, schedules, and key events automatically from Anesthesia Touch's documentation
  • Color coding for key events in the patient's journey
  • Provide a filtered, anonymized family status view of the procedure to communicate with patient's loved ones
  • Create customized dashboard profiles for different areas from PreOp, to the OR, to Recovery, to individual ORs or specific suites such as OB wards, Endoscopy, etc.
  • Allow users to customize common profiles or create their own personal profile to streamline their workflow

Touch Track is web-based and integrated with Anesthesia Touch's online administration, so it requires only a web browser and minimal setup. If you'd like to learn more, contact us to schedule a demo.